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We Have A Website!

1stgalactic, Jun 13, 10 9:48 PM.
Welcome to 1st Galactic Vanguard Fleet website and forums.

Our fleet goal, or Prime Directive, is to promote friendship through gaming and to help fleet members with missions as a team. Star Trek Online is a team effort styled game and as such it takes team work to advance through the ranks. We encourage all fleet members to actively seek and help others in the game be they fleet members or not. 

We, the officers of the 1st Galactic Vanguard, knowing the evils that lurk in the many worlds of the galaxy form this fleet in response to that evil. We lay forth for all worlds to see the precepts upon which we stand. 

We come together as one force among many to stand against the encroaching darkness and say unto it, "No more! We draw the line against the night here, bring on you thousands, one at a time, or all in a rush, it matters not, you shall not pass!" We are the 1st Galactic Vanguard, we raise high the banners of justice, honor, and freedom for all to see. We are the champions of the common people, who for to long have gone without a voice of there own. 

We state herein what we believe and hold dear, these are the ideals by which we live.

First, we of the 1st Galactic Vanguard are a family, brothers and sisters born of the same desire to serve a cause greater than ourselves. We are Human, Vulcan, Andorian, and countless other races, despite our differences we give our all to each other and help each other to improve each and every day in all ways. We form task groups to go forth and combat the growing evils that would threaten the United Federation of Planets. We do this to show the solidarity and loyalty that is at the very heart of the 1st Galactic Vanguard.

We hold our selves to a higher standard. We are officers of the Federation, we hold the ideals of fair play, honor, justice, and freedom to be most dear.

Penned by Ranger One)

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